"making belief."

Consolidated Arts Corporation (Con-Arts) was founded by Rea Baldridge in 1982 as a successor to the Myth America Corporation. Conceived as an “art project” in the guise of a corporate entity, its’ purpose was to parody corporate structure through “creative" emulation.


The extreme subjectivity of the art business and volatility of art markets has always been suspect. In fact, like political theory or religion, the very definition of art always comes down to a matter of opinion.


As an exercise in branding, Con-Arts was meant to emphasize it’s own illegitimate authority and undermine contrivances bearing in it’s brand.


When do the trappings of authority become actual authority?


These themes have become the threads that run rampant through our society today… meaning swamped by meaning. The search for stability and truth.

The thousands of ways we trick ourselves into believing one reality over another.


Our motto is “Making Belief” because the desire and the will to believe and be believed is the first step towards good faith.



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